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looking for the development of CRM portal having following features:

Project Type

Web based Portal




  • We should be able to upload the data by uploading the excel sheet having fields as: Name, Email, Organization [Filter], Country [Filter], State, XYZ [ask user for applying filter] (can be added manually by the user by clicking "+").
  • User should be able to create folder on the dashboard and then add various list of data. When user searches by any of the classified fields (Name, Email, Organization, Country, State, XYZ), search should be done for all the folders and all the lists under it and data should be along with the source [details of Folder>List].
  • Admin shall be able to control the privacy by adding / removing the email addresses to whom the list is supposed to be accessible.
  • There should be an option with the name of "Consolidated Search", where the data from every list would be stored. Any user can search the data by Organization, Domain Name of the Email [for example @domain.xyz shall show all the results with this domain]. This section won't be having any privacy control.
  • There should be an option with the name of "Unsubscribe" where if an email address is fed then it should highlight all the details of that email with RED colour in every source of location where data is present.
  • There should be an option to eliminate duplicate values as per the selection of the column.
  • Option to export in excel as per the filtered values.
  • It will be having a list of the folders [that can be renamed]
  • Option to Search folders with the name [for example: if someone search with phrase partially matching with the name of the folder then all folders shall be coming having the part of the phrase].

Proposed Solution

Decided to build web-based CRM portal with Most Secure Development platform (Microsoft DotNet Framework).

THave Given very Easy & user-friendly user experience to manage the client base.


Business automation is an investment that always yields amazing results. With our custom Client management CRM K&K could now step up their Sales experience and reduce time of staff by Master Filter and Management. But now, they took it to the next level by making sure their Active and Subscribed Client base.

Working with Microhind is the best choice for our company. The essence of professionalism is well reflected in their work while maintaining consistent high quality standards towards website managing. Assignments are carried out as expeditiously as possible. Our experience with the team has been profitable always.
Sonam Khan
Project Manager, K&K Group
  • SonamK