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Need to build an e-commerce website along with ERP system. The main purpose of creating ERP system is to maintain records of all inventories, Staff (HR management), accounts and billings. There are various kind of users who will be using this system all with different privileges.

  • Manage Classic Ecommerce website through Admin Panel.
  • Manage accounts, sales, purchase, billing, and banking segment through little steps.
  • Manage products, stores, store owners and salesperson in ERP.
  • Create and Maintain Reports

Project Type

Web and Mobile App based


PHP, MySQL, RestAPI, Flutter, LINUX

Phase Challenges

  • One important thing is the integration and interaction with the whole system as this is a part of the whole system.
  • We found out that all the data used in the system came from the other systems and facility after communicating with the client. Accordingly, we designed our database and architecture based on the data structure provided by the relevant systems and facility.
  • Currently the data on the customers' side was collected from a variety of sources and stored in spreadsheets. This process was time-consuming and potentially prone to errors.
  • To address this issue, we at one hand developed a data input program, which enabled the client to manually input or modify the data; on the other hand, we developed a data import program, which enabled the client import existing data to the system.
  • Since the data collection process used to be handled via MS Excel and the client wanted to inherit the customers' convention, we had to provide similar functionalities of MS Excel on the web site. But the client didn't want to use any of the third-party control.
  • We had to create our own control to present the similar look and feel of MS Excel on web site, this was the most difficult part of the technical solution, but we managed to solve this problem before we really started coding, thus the risk was eliminated at an earlier stage.
  • Another problem we encountered was the unclear requirement of this project. Due to the tight timeline, the client only gave us rough requirement, and many features were not described in detail.
  • For the rough requirements, we made a prototype before implementation, and adjusted our design based on the client's feedback to the prototype.

Proposed Solution

Dedicated development team formation for developing an innovative project. This application is developed using PHP Core framework and implementation of a new user interface is extremely easy process. It also incorporates sale report, search report, and popular products & categories report to effectively understand the desires of the visitor. Combined with other interactive components, such as our Content Management System and Import/Export to CSV and XML formats, this is a complete out of the shelf E-Commerce solution.


Customers & Order Management: A comprehensive back-end admin panel has been built to allow the operations managers to stay on top of the orders and ensure that everything is going out on time. With real-time order statuses, tracking and much more, the admins can get all the information they need to ensure things run smoothly.

Promo Codes & Coupons: The marketing department needed to be able to create campaigns and give incentives to their customers to generate a buzz. To help them with this we built a Promo/Coupon codes system that allows them to create custom codes that provide discounts based on several options (total price, percentage, expiry dates, etc.)

Dashboard & Reporting: And of course, at the heart of any system is the dashboard which gives the business decision makers the ability to make more informed decisions to better steer the ship. Custom Dashboards & Reports allow for snapshot views at-a-glance, or to drill down for deeper analysis. Whatever information is required, our admin panel has it.