Real Estate based SaaS Product


Mobile Industry
Real-tech Industry


The client was faced with a requirement for knowledgeable and dependable property management service provider who could not only reduce the stress of managing countless properties effectively but do so in a cost-effective and timely fashion with at least 98% SLA.

Project Type

Web and Mobile App based


Flutter, RestAPI, MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS

Phase Challenges

After careful deliberation, the client approached Flat world Solutions with his requirement. Upon undertaking the project for the first time we faced quite a few challenges, including the following:

  • The client wanted an efficient mediator between the supervisor and tenants of individual properties regarding property upkeep, maintenance etc.
  • The client also had urgent a requirement for a call center team to handle tenant calls.
  • There was a need to hire an additional team which can effectively communicate with the maintenance staff such as electricians, plumbers etc., to redress customer complaints.
  • Express requirement for a team who could work 24/6.
  • Liaise with multiple vendors to find the right person for the right job.
  • Expertly manage employee payroll.

Proposed Solution

our exceptional property management services team has enabled the client to grow his business to greater heights. Our approach to meeting all client's requirements successfully, as well as ensuring efficient and well-maintained premises for the tenants in his properties, included the following steps:

  • We dedicated a team of call center professionals for handling maintenance call requests from tenants daily.
  • Even though our property management team was used to working 7 am to 7 pm (Monday to Friday), we were able to hire extra resources to meet the client's requirement for 24/6 service.
  • A project manager was appointed to liaise with the client's supervisor and keep him fully informed about the property upkeep, maintenance, etc.
  • Our team expertly took over drafting tenancy agreements, dealing with tenancy certificates of insurance, as well as filing reports on the client's behalf for garbage non-clearance on a regular basis.
  • We ensured efficient and fast processing of payments on the client's CRM system.


We developed their complete platform with a task management system, status tracker, and calendars for the real estate market. The client was immensely satisfied with our services, which encompassed everything from managing the maintenance of his properties, to payment of taxes and dues, to even managing his employee payroll. Some of the highlights of our successful partnership are:

  • The client was not only able to effectively manage his properties, but also made significant cost-savings.
  • Satisfied with our performance, the client decided to outsource the property management of more of his properties to us, to the extent that now we are handling 110 properties for him.
  • We started with managing 1 property in 2004, and gradually over the past 12 years, moved to managing 110 properties for the client, exemplifying our dedication to continued high-quality services. The client is now one of our oldest and most valuable customers.