Business Consultant

We are big thinkers with a passion for crafting brilliant ideas, transforming
them into powerful & intelligent products.

Web Applications have evolved to a point where they provide levels of interactivity and usability that rival native applications. We leverage these latest technological advances with thoughtful design and serious engineering to build tailored solutions for any industry.

IT Consulting Services

Information technology is a complex term for all those companies which aren't exactly tech-savvy and are venturing into the area due to it being a need of the time. Even for those companies that have to do with it, IT isn't exactly a piece of cake. Being an IT services company, we offer you to sit around a table with us and walk across all the solutions that can be executed to employ the best techniques for your business or product.

MICROHIND is a software house for IT solutions IT services. We are providing IT managed services. Being top rated IT services company, we offer quality IT consultancy services. Either you are looking for best IT solution provider for small business IT services or IT solutions company for managed IT service, we are here to help you.

Web Application for Business

Business Expansion

Some IT firms suggest using their product and solution as a solution to your problem. We believe that templates restrict a business’s potential and become an obstacle for them to go by. We strictly believe that every company has different IT needs, hence they should be catered differently than be sowed in one soil to grow on. Our firm always provides an in-depth evaluation report on enhancing your IT system so your business procedures can run smoothly.

Information technology increases your business by expanding it to every nook and cranny. You can increase your business marketing by leaps and bounds which improves your sales as well.

Web Application for Business

How Business Intelligence applications can help you

Business intelligence apps help you stay ahead of the curve by connecting directly to relevant
business data, and put the right information at your fingertips in a flash. Here's how it's done:

  • Improved Decision Making Process
    Easy Access
    to Information & Documents
  • Business Intelligence
  • Real-time Reporting & Analysis
    Reduce Risk of Bottlenecks & Identify Waste

Business Intelligence is not just analytics, it is an umbrella term that includes best business practices,
apps and any other tools to optimize decision making and enhance performance.

Business Intelligence at a Glance

You can't solve every problem with an out-of-the box solution. Just as every business is different so are their needs. That’s why we develop fully custom, highly scalable BI solutions that support your team’s decision making processes with a data-driven approach.

  • Internal & External Data Integration

    Through automation, timeliness and greater visibility, sales & marketing efforts see a massive overall boost.

  • Business Analytics & Reporting

    In a smartphone obsessed world, secure on-demand communication is paramount for success.

  • Document Sharing & Collaboration

    Enhance company culture to be more inclusive and responsive. Improving quality of life leads to productivity gains.

  • Planning & Tasks Management

    Automated workflows & intelligent reports help guide critical business decisions in a timely manner.

Aim - Build - Scale

Your roadmap for being future ready with business analytics and intelligence applications.

  • Aim

    Modern era demands quick and relevant information for businesses to perform and this is where BI apps are required.

  • Build

    This level of innovation will be your next step to success. Build your future by developing business intelligence that puts complex data at your fingertips.

  • Scale

    Stay ahead of the competition with the collected data & make more informed decisions with real-time analytics at any point during the day.